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Pricing Advice from America's Best Pricing Educator

Your team needs to know more about value-based pricing.  By “team” we mean pricing people, of course, but we also mean product management, marketing, and salespeople.  All of these people influence the price you will achieve because they create, communicate, and capture VALUE.  Yes, value-based pricing captures what value is there, but when your company gets involved, you create more value to capture.  

Mark Stiving has been teaching pricing since 1996.  He has created and delivered courses on many pricing topics including value-based pricing, price segmentation, subscription pricing, and even conjoint analysis.  Together, you and Mark can pick and choose topics and pieces to assemble a course that is ideal for your team.  

The standard content costs $15,000 per day for up to 40 people in the room.  For an additional $10,000,Mark will work with your team to create custom examples from your industry to make the course resonate even more. 

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