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Our strategic pricing courses will help you move from guessing to growing by understanding how value is created and profits made in today’s competitive marketplace.

Too many people say “I’m not responsible for pricing.”  In a strict sense that may be true. They may not set the price. However, everyone is responsible for value.

Who should take our courses?

We created our courses for one main reason: too many people responsible for communicating customer value neglect to take responsibility for their part in pricing.  Without knowing it, you have a huge impact on how much value your buyer perceives, which impacts the price they’ll pay.

You will be shocked at how quickly your career can grow when you truly understand value, especially if you’re one of the few in your company who does.

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Get access to all of our courses for just $5 for the first month. In addition to the courses, you’ll also get live, weekly office hours with pricing expert Mark Stiving, so you can ask questions specific to your business.


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Explore Our Pricing Courses

Accelerate Your Subscription Business

Drive growth in your subscription business by learning which tasks drive growth at each stage. Get the framework and tools to prioritize your activities and develop a blueprint to packaging and pricing for growth.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The three revenue buckets and how they drive your prioritization
  • The three value levers you can pull to create and capture more value
  • Four ways to grow revenue from a single customer

Pricing Metrics Course

Choosing your pricing metric is a crucial decision.  Choose correctly and revenue growth can feel almost effortless.  Choose poorly and sales must fight for every dollar. This course will walk you through a seven step process to help you determine how you should be pricing.


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Pricing Definitions and Level Setting
  • The Seven Step Process
  • Additional Pricing Insights

Value Based Business Course

This course will help you drive your company to faster, more profitable growth by teaching you what a Value-Driven Culture looks like. This is a powerful fundamental pricing course that will help transform your company so everyone understands value and their role in it.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How your buyers perceive value.
  • The incredible power of Will I products and situations.
  • How your buyer’s journey should drive pricing decisions and tactics.
mark stiving

About Your Instructor

Mark Stiving

I’m Mark Stiving, a 25+ year vet in the sales industry and I consult with multi-billion dollar companies to help them convey value, understand pricing and boost revenue and profit. And I’m going to show you how many companies miss the mark, so you don’t have to.

I’ve consulted, trained and/or coached hundreds of companies including Cisco, Procter and Gamble, Grimes Aerospace, Splunk, and Crowdstrike. Mark uses a creative but realistic approach to help large businesses and entrepreneurs untangle confusion about pricing.

What People Are Saying

Mark has an uncanny ability to distill the most complex ideas into digestible chunks - especially for those whose eagerness make up for their lack of experience. I appreciated how he structured his courses. Not only were they effective for different learning styles, the framework also made it easy to apply the principles he was teaching and growing our business." - Angela D.

Great course overall - way more interesting than I originally anticipated. Tons of great info and real-world applicability, and even more to think about!" - Rob W.

I found your explanations to be crystal clear and super valuable. I have already recommended it to a friend who is looking to get into pricing. A few years ago, I was mulling about making a course myself as I found the material available to be woefully inadequate. No more! I look forward to your future modules." Daniel P.