Value-Based Pricing Bootcamp

Fast track a new pricing strategy

This bootcamp pushes your team from learning concepts into planning and implementing a new pricing strategy.  If your executives are eager to find and implement powerful ways to accelerate profit, then this program is for you.  Your team will learn many new pricing strategies, attempt to apply each one to your company, and then come together to finalize and create an implementation plan for at least one of them. 

The program has 5 phases: 

  1. Zoom training:  You will experience a very fast-paced, highly interactive 3-hour program to teach you several pricing strategies. 
  2. Homework:  You will be given exercises to think through applying these strategies to your company.  They are hard, and you won’t be perfect, but this gives you a great start. 
  3. Consultation:  You will have an hour consultation with Mark to review some of your homework so you can show up to the live bootcamp well prepared. 
  4. Bootcamp:  This is a day-and-a-half live event where you and 2 or 3 other companies will present some of your homework and get and give feedback.  You will have a lot of time (with Mark’s guidance) to work with your team.  The end result is a plan to implement at least one new strategy.  
  5. Consultation:  Several weeks later, you will have another consultation with Mark to discuss any issues you may have with your implementation.

The pricing strategies we will cover

  • Pricing with and without competition
  • Mastering customer perceived value
  • Price segmentation
  • Pricing subscriptions
  • Market segmentation
  • Product portfolio
  • Pricing metrics
  • How to intelligently raise prices

You will get the most out of your bootcamp if several executives participate in the entire program.  Ideally, you would bring the CEO, sales, marketing, and product management, but feel free to substitute others.  There is a maximum of 4 people per company. 

If your company is interested in a bootcamp, please let us know.  We will match you up with 2 or 3 other non-competitive companies, coordinate dates, and then organize the event at a central location.  The investment is $10,000 per company, a small amount for a new pricing strategy. 

If you want your own private bootcamp or are an investment firm that would like to host a bootcamp for 3 or 4 of your portfolio companies, the investment is $25,000.  You are responsible for the venue and logistics. 

If you’re interested and want to learn more, click here to schedule a 30-minute chat with Mark.