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Get access to our growing catalog of pricing courses for just $100 per month.  You’ll get access to current as well as our growing list of courses focused on helping you create a value driven culture in your organization by understanding the role pricing has on your growth and profitability. As an insider, you will gain access to our flagship courses, including:
  • Value Based Business
  • Accelerate Your Subscription Business
  • Pricing Metrics
  • Packaging – Good, Better, Best
  • Economic Value Estimation
  • Price Segmentation
  • Conjoint Analysis
We anticipate adding more courses over the next several months and as an active COV Insider Member, you will get access to those new courses as they are released at no additional cost other than your existing monthly membership. In addition to gaining access to our growing catalog of courses, you’ll also get access to our live, weekly Office Hours calls hosted by Mark.  These small group calls are perfect for discussing questions you may have about the materials, strategy for how to implement what you’re learning or practical application in not-so-common scenarios.  It’s like having a pricing lifeline every week.

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