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Impact Pricing (Mark Stiving) adds value to your company through two powerful ways:  Education and Advising.  When it comes to advising, imagine having access to your own pricing expert to help you solve pricing and value problems.  Maybe you have one of the following objectives you’d like expert guidance with: 

  • Raise prices without destroying the business
  • Stop being a commodity and learn to sell value
  • Transition to a subscription or other pricing model. 

Mark can help you with these and much more.  We offer two basic methods to gain access to Mark’s expertise: hourly and quarterly.

Some companies want to take away the fog of pricing and gain some confidence on their value and business model.  This can typically be done in an hour.  Some companies want to test the waters or work slowly, an hour at a time.  The investment for each session is $1,000.  If the figure seems high, remember the value you will receive is many times that.  

Some companies want to drive an initiative.  They want the guidance to bring decisions to completion and even implementation.  This is best done using a quarterly program of weekly meetings.  With this regular cadence, Mark can learn and remember more about your situation.  He becomes a truly established source for you and your organisation.  The investment for one quarter of weekly sessions is only $10,000.  

Also, if you are truly serious about changing your product, team, or culture, consider our pre-packaged Guidance for Pricing Success (GPS) programs, which you can see here. 



There are three important characteristics of a great pricing advisor.

  • Pricing expertise – A true pricing expert has worked in many industries, solved many different pricing problems, and has created a set of principles that apply in most situations.  True experts study their field and create thought leadership content to share with the world.  They willingly engage with other experts and practitioners to push their boundaries of knowledge.
  • Communication skills – Knowing pricing isn’t enough.  A pricing advisor must be able to communicate their ideas and reasoning to their clients in ways that resonate.  Clients can only make good decisions when they understand the options.
  • Helpful attitude – Pricing advisors must know their role is to advise, not make decisions.  Their job is to help their clients make the best decisions possible.  This requires an attitude of service, not a belief that they know everything.

You have the drive (passion). You’ve mastered some pricing skills. Now, it’s time to get the right tools you’ll need to become a recognized, sought-after person of influence within your company.

If you’re tired of following, and not leading, then partnering with the industry’s most sought after pricing expert seems to make the most sense for propelling your career and your influence to new levels.

Should you choose a consultant or an advisor?

It depends on your situation.

If you have money to invest, but lack the people or resources to take action on the strategy you implement, a consultant is probably your best choice.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, but you have people to work on the project and execute on the strategies that are critical to your initiatives, then an advisor is a perfect fit.  An added advantage to using an advisor is the fact that your people become more skilled at pricing and value because they’ve been shown how to think through the process and think differently about pricing.

This is where we get to provide our best work – teaching your team to fish so they can feed themselves and your organization for life!

For a closer look at the differences between hiring a consultant and hiring an advisor, take a look at a complete breakdown of how we see the differences in our article: Pricing Consultant vs. Pricing Advisor – What’s the Difference?

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